Tildes birojs 2016

In spring 2016 Tilde launched the updated version of the product Tildes Birojs 2016 (Tilde Office 2016) featuring both an improved version of the product for Windows users and a special novelty – Tildes Birojs Mac (Tilde Office Mac), created specifically for the users of Apple computers. In order to inform and invite potential and existing users to try the updated Tildes Birojs version, a web campaign was launched (internet banners, VOD, Facebook). During the campaign, users were invited to download the trial version and use the product for 30 days free of charge.


Since it was necessary to promote two different product updates at the same time, we implemented banner serving with two different messages based on the users’ operating system. Those with Windows OS were served one message, but those using macOS saw another message.

Due to a successful cooperation with the client, we were able to use Facebook tracking codes (pixels) that analyzed and then algorithmically bought the audience with the highest conversion potential.

The campaign period was sufficient enough allowing us to be dynamic and carry out a detailed on-the-go campaign analysis of the most effective media channels. Based on the results, we optimized media plan choosing only the most effective channels that provided the highest return on investment.


  • Number of free trial downloads increased by 550% during the campaign.
  • ~10% of conversions to paid versions after the end of trial period.
  • Highly satisfied client, decision to adapt the campaign also in Lithuania.
  • Quality audience data acquired for the future campaigns.