• Digital & Social Media
  • eCommerce
  • Creative & BTL Marketing
  • Traditional media
  • Marketing & business strategies, trainning

Digital communication audit & strategy

Social media content & monitoring

Digital campaign management

Websites, campaign sites & digital platforms

Mobile applications

Content marketing

Photo, video, animations & infographics

Cooperation with online opinion leaders

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Digital market research & analytics

Digital marketing strategies & analytics

Development of digital campaigns

Ecommerce conversion optimization

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Programmatic RTB

Content marketing

E-mail marketing

Development of websites & digital platforms

UX/UI Design

Web site optimization (SEO)

A/B Testing

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Non-traditional advertising solutions

Creative ideas & concepts

Event marketing

Creative Production

Brand integration in sponsorship projects

Promo events & taste testings

Custom made objects & stands

Creative online solutions


Graphic Design & adaptation

Promo material distribution

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Competitor and category analysis

Audience research

Competitor activity tracking

Competitor creative material delivery

Media & communication strategy

Media buying & planning

Campaign tracking & analysis

Sponsorship evaluation

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Business consultations

Marketing strategies

Training courses (marketing, communications, branding, digital)

Individual training

Audit of Intangible assets

Knowledge management solutions

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