We are the largest marketing ecosystem in Baltics – a home for various specialized agencies where experience and knowledge is raised together in different marketing and communication disciplines. Thus, allowing agencies see ‘fare beyond their noses’ to find the most appropriate marketing solutions to their brands.


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Our story

The first years of our media agency operations made us realize that we could affect only 2.6968% of a campaign’s success rate with traditional media purchases. For us, that wasn’t enough.

To gain influence in both communication allocation in the media and the content of this communication, we have expanded our range with dedicated teams of Inspired UM, Inspired Digital, Frank by Inspired, Inspired Connect, Hive BPN and Inspired Academy. While each of them handle specific tasks, our combined effort has a greater purpose – to look beyond the CPT and offer our customers the best solution without merely looking through the lens of our company.


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  • Inspired Connect



We are on the path to creating an environment, where energy and information is freely exchanged between all parties to make sure we have considered all the aspects, which our client may not have even thought about. And we have all the necessary preconditions – a broad point of view, resources, diverse expertise, openness and genuine interest in helping our client reach their goals.

Because instead of just looking out for profit and their own good, all companies in our ecosystem share a common goal – to engage in the creation of meaningful marketing, which does not merely aim at a blind increase of consumption, but rather seeks to maximize long-term value for both the brand owner AND the consumer. That is what we call meaningful marketing.

Fine friction

Ar kopīgu mērķi domājošu cilvēku (reizēm zibeņojoša) kopība

The process of thought exchange (sometimes an outbreak of flashing) in a community of people sharing a common goal mindset, which bears new meaningful ideas, gives rise to healthy competition and irradiates empathetic warmth. We call it “fine friction”. For the friction to be fine enough, only to those who respect each other, recognize the value of a team, are brave, curious, try their best and don’t fear to make mistakes, get exposed to it.

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  • Mi:t&links. Baltic Communication Awards 2017, 3rd place in Digitam Communication, Tele2, «ZZ Most Inspiring Teacher»
  • Golden Hammer 2015, Silver in Outdoor, Ecco, «Better on Foot»
  • Golden Hammer 2014, Diploma, Lux Express, «Challenging the System»
  • Golden Hammer 2014, Silver in Digital, airBaltic «Cabin Crew Test»
  • Password 2014 (local Effie), Finalist, airBaltic «Cabin Crew Test»
  • ADwards 2013, Gold, Conference «Digital 2012» radio ad
  • Adwards 2013, 2nd place in Digital, Food Union, «My Family Tree»
  • Baltic PR Awards 2013, 1st place in Digital Communication, 2nd place in Corportate Communication, 3rd place in Consumer Relations, Lux Express, «Challenging the System»
  • Baltic PR Awards 2013, 2nd place in Digital, Knauf, «Tile to Positivus»
  • Baltic PR Awards 2013, 3rd place in Digital, Lux Express, «Guess the Right One»
  • Golden Hammer 2012, Grand Prix, Conference «Digital 2012» radio ad
  • Password 2011 (local Effie), Innovation prize, Inspired, Recruitment campaign "Nolauz Kļaviņu!"
  • Password 2011 (local Effie), Finalist, Inspired, Recruitment campaign "Nodot draugu!"
  • Password 2011 (local Effie), Finalist, BTA, Insurance campaign for potholes
  • Reklamazaurs (OOH creativity competition), 1st place, Pica Lulū, «Eat Up a Slice»
  • Adwards 2010, Finalist, Festival of good thoughts and feelings “MÁDARA”
  • Adwards 2010, Finalist, Inspired, Recruitment campaign «Nolauz Kļaviņu»
  • European Excellence Awards 2010, jury prize, Tele2 relaunch
  • Kiev International Advertising Festival 2010, Silver, Tele2, "Meteorīts"
  • Kiev International Advertising Festival 2010, Bronze, Tele2, "Varoņi"
  • Golden Hammer 2010, Gold, Tele2, "Meteorīts"
  • Golden Hammer 2010, Diploma, BTA, "Insurance campaign for potholes"
  • Password 2010 (local Effie), Grand Prix, Tele2 "Meteorīts"
  • Password 2010 (local Effie), Finalist, SMS Credit "Atdod tik, cik aizņēmies!"
  • Golden Hammer 2009, Diploma, Tele2 "Zelta Zivtiņas tunnel”

Project "Fathers"

Foundation “Fathers” is our social initiative with the mission to promote image of actively involved father in his family life, that would lead to positive changes in society. Foundation organizes social campaigns, qualitative research about the fathers role in Latvia, as well as series of events, where fathers are invited to spend one or two days together with their children hiking through the woods.

More about social foundation “Fathers”


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