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Ieva Lasmane, Marketing Account Executive, “Riga Tourism Development Bureau”:

“The reason we chose agency “Inspired eCommerce” is the agency’s flexibility and ability to deliver the proposals and plans in short deadlines.  Agency has successfully planned and executed our Google AdWords campaigns. The agency is strong in planning and strategic advice for each market that we have advertised in. Agency always informs about the new Google products and provides ideas on how to include these in our campaigns.”

Jenni Juuvinmaa, Marketing Manager, “PrimeraHolidays Oy”:

„Mani apmierina aģentūras „Inspired eCommerce” lietpratība, pakalpojumu sniegšanas laiks un uzticamība, kā arī aktīvā pieeja mūsu meklētājtirgvedības (SEM) izstrādei ar visām tās sastāvdaļām. Viņi ir kompetenti digitālās izstrādes partneri ar plašām zināšanām digitālā mārketinga jomā, un es domāju, ka mēs esam tikai daļēji izmantojuši viņu lietpratību.”

Linda Upeniece, Marketing and PR Department Director, „BTA Baltic Insurance Company”:

“Inspired eCommerce” is an expert in their field, are able to achieve jointly set goals, actively keeping us updated of recent developments to be expected and the necessary shifts in strategic plans in response to make us “the first on the plane” among the competition. A strong and professional team furnishing good quality campaigns with consequently good results and the set targets achieved or even exceeded.”

Vineta Vilkoste, “TZMO Latvija” Brand Manager:

“Inspired Digital is high professionalism, industry expertise and deep exploration of client needs. Focused work on achieving common goals.”

Laura Eglīte-Jefanova, “DNB banka”:

“Our cooperatioin with Inspired Digital can be characterized by easy communication, fast delivery and high quality of results. We understand each other with half a word.”

Elīna Sprūde-Nesenberga, Project Manager, Riga Technical University:

“Inspired Academy courses provides an opportunity to view marketing activities in larger scale and to make strategic decisions. Studies is not a learning theory by heart the only right solution, but learning to think and make decisions, find solutions by assessing particular circumstances and goals. Special bonus – opportunity to discuss and explore the local experience from other course mates – marketing practioners.”

Elīna Valdmane, Marketing Director, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

“Inspired Academy course “Consumer Behavior” encouraged thinking how, what and where we consume, by analyzing everyday personal consumption and applying the knowledge gained in practice. I strongly recommend “Consumer Behavior” course for marketing, sales and client service managers. Moreover, “Marketing Strategy” course helped to systematize existing knowledge and gave fresh ideas for new solutions.”

Agris Rencis, “Zelta Zivtiņa” Brand Manager:

“In simple words – “Inspired Connect” is a “result-oriented” company. Moreover, they not only achieve high quality results, but what is especially pleasing – solve small issues so naturaly that together we can keep our focus on the “big picture”.

Johan Berg, Managing director L’Oréal Baltic:

«Ethics and transparency is 2 of the key values at L’Oréal, this aspect was also highly prioritized. Inspired UM and its management were recognized as the agency meeting our criteria’s the best. Now 1 year after the decision we are confident we made a good decision.»

Ilze Žukova, Head of Marketing, Tele2 Latvia:

“Telecommunications is a highly dynamic industry, and our partners must be open, understanding and flexible – all these qualities can be fully be attributed to Inspired. The team we are working with are experienced professionals with a high sense of responsibility.”

Elīna Neiberga, Marketing Manager, H&M Latvia:

“Inspired UM has always shown an interest in our business by offering advice not only on media strategy, but also always willing to have a deeper insight from the marketing strategy point of view. Moreover, agency’s performancve in effective media buying and planning has helped us to optimize the media costs.”